We seek out fascinating people, ideas and concepts and use our knowledge to solve your problems.

About Us

We explore and seek out innovations, smart thinking, thought leader opinions and creativity from everywhere; technology, science, medicine, food, art, fashion and more.

Through our relationships with brands, educational institutions and entrepreneurs, we listen to challenges they face and help inspire new ideas or connect them to solution providers.

We’re often described as an extension to a company’s own innovation team or an external “skunk works”, a team that truly thinks outside the box, away from inter-industry influence or competition.


Who We Are

Elluminate is the brain child of Steven Kainth who studied Product Design & Development and went onto helping companies with their “go-to-market” product marketing strategies.

Elluminate works with some of the biggest brands in the world, focusing on helping them with business growth and experiential engagement projects. We believe in delivering the best customer and service experiences, inspired by innovation and fuelled by culture.


Our North Star

To inspire and support every child & young adult with knowledge for tomorrows world, enabling them to conceive cultural innovations that advance the human race.

See which 5 things catch our attention each Friday. 

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