Amazon 4 Star Store, Manhattan, NYC

Amazon has just opened a new 4 Star Store in Manhattan, a space that only sells goods that have four stars or more or is a top seller online over the previous 3 months. The store houses around 2,000 items that include its own range of hardware such as Echo and Kindle along with books, games, household goods and toys. Much like beauty concessions that use social media trending data to highlight best sellers, Amazon will also have hero/highlight spots called “ Trending” that showcases a rotating mix of products. It’s here where customers can see what hot or on offer for any given seasonal product range such as Christmas.

Product reviews are presented on printed cards whilst pricing and star rating data is displayed on e-ink digital displays which the retailer can update in real time, (Amazon operates a price serge/fluid pricing model). The digital tags include both a listed price and a cheaper one for Amazon Prime users, a clear incentive to sign up for membership on-site.

At present this store is only a prototype but expect more retail formats emerging from Amazon.


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