Topshop X Netflix Stranger Things

This October Topshop launched a brilliant “next level” retail experience at its flagship store on London’s Oxford St. The Halloween take-over ran for 2 weeks concluding on 31st October. The experience, in conjunction with Netflix promoted the second season of the cult TV show, Stranger Things.

The store, windows and merchandise of Topshop’s London flagship, illustrated how physical stores are changing from simple shopping destinations to hybrid digital/physical content platforms where experiences are becoming as important as the products on sale.

Most surprising is the amount of physical space dedicated to displays that feature no product, note this is prime real estate where every square foot has a high value.  The windows were clearly the main feature, hosting two interactive stage sets. One replicates a central character’s living room; the other is a lab where visitors can ‘test’ their telekinetic powers (using a mind-controlled wearable) with an actor. The televisual connection is emphasised by a huge black forest silhouette that surrounds the windows on the store’s façade.


Topshop showcased how exciting retail can be and used clever tactics such as minimum spend to enjoy select experiences. Shop the collection here.


Byers Arcade-1

In addition to the immersive Topshop experience, Snapchat has created a new Augmented Reality filter. In order to access the new lens, a user can use the Shazam feature in the Snapchat app when the Stranger Things theme song plays or jump to the icon among the lenses posted in the app. When that happens, the user sees a door appear in front of them, through which they can walk to visit the home of Joyce Byers. Those who explore the room hard enough can find interactive easter eggs that pop out on the screen. See it below:


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