We offer a wide range of services that stimulate creativity, nurture ideation and promote outcome driven ideation.

Find our more about our consultancy and creative services.

Custom Reports & Presentation

We provide Innovation Insights to CEO’s, Innovation Directors,Technology Offi cers, Students and Entrepreneurs.

Commission us to craft bespoke, individual reports on the following subjects:

AR, Audio, Digital, Social & Media, Experiential Marketing, Fashion Tech, Health & Wellness, Materials Textiles, Retail, Robotics, Sports Tech, Transportation, Wearable, Technology, Workspace and VR.

Designer Support

We help designers develop new Products, User Experiences and Services. We challenge conventional thinking through creative workshops and conversations. Often our idea proposals are challenging to accept, that’s the beauty of radical thinking. Use us to fast track ideas or set up a Sprint.

Culture Walks

Our hosted Culture Walks are mind blowing! We show you the best stores, art galleries, bars, hotels and restaurants. Not only will you experience inspiring places, but you’ll see who’s hanging out there and what the cultural vibe is in any given neighbourhood. Our tailor-made packages are curated through local guides and everything we do is aligned to your mission or objectives.

Cities we currently cover are:

London, Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Dubai, New York, LA, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Melbourne, Sydney, Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing.

Channel Marketing Support

We help Brand Managers and Marketing teams with business growth strategies and planning. We advise global brands on go-to-market strategies, product launches, and digital content strategies across physical retail.

Our knowledge of retail supply partners is exceptional.We regularly visit production facilities across the globe and help you fi nd the right partner. We are familiar with Sedex standards.

Speaking Engagements

We are available for speaking engagements to both small and large groups at businesses and communities.

We speak to parents, discussing social media awareness and parental responsibilities in the digital age. To companies, public institutions and NGO’s about innovation and future tech and product development.

Steven is passionate about sharing contemporary thinking and ideas to students, helping them to explore their next steps in their educational or work journeys. In these sessions we share the same thought provoking insights we share with major global brands.

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