Nendo: YKK Zippppper Project

Japanese design studio Nendo has been tasked with reinventing the zipper and has come up with five different fastenings opens, each designed to suit a different function and opening up a whole new world of creative possibilities. The “Zippppper Project” saw Nendo team up with fastening manufacturer YKK to examine the interlocking teeth of a traditional zip, to see if they …

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Technology is moving inside the body

Wearables. A growing trend with very soon to have their “moment in the sun” but I am a firm believer that wearable technology is simply a transition technology. Technology must and will soon move from existing outside our bodies to residing inside us. That is the future of wearables, the next big frontier, implantable wearables. …

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Sweat responsive apparel

A team of researchers at MIT Media Lab designed a seemingly living fabric, dubbed ‘bioLogic,’ and fashioned it into the world’s most breathable workout suit, complete with ventilating flaps that open and close in response to an athlete’s body heat and perspiration. The flaps, which range in size from that of a thumbnail to a …

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Wearables you must know about

Wearable technology is the natural form factor evolution from smartphones and one of the most exciting areas of consumer technology today, but its beginnings go a lot further back than you might expect (and of course the term “wearables” did not exist). Here is a brief history of wearables that made an impact: Abacus Ring, …

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The Extraordinary Process, Zaha Hadid

Gallery Maison Mais Non presented its inaugural exhibition, The Extraordinary Process in London. the exhibition highlights Zaha Hadid Design’s position as a collaborative workshop, exposing the creative process of a variety of makers including Peter Do, Phoebe English, Iris van Herpen, Stephen Jones, Krystyna Kozhoma, Nasir Mazhar, Minimaforms and XO. Evolving from discussions between Maison …

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